LoopMe Gears Up for the MMA Forum London

The MMA Forum is a highlight of the ad tech year – especially in a world where mobile advertising is becoming more and more prominent. As a meeting of some of the greatest marketing minds in the area, the day will feature a series of presentations and panels from thought leaders from both brand and agency backgrounds.

This year the Forum will focus on building capability, knowledge, confidence and understanding to accelerate the transformation of marketing on mobile. Attendees will be presented with a clear and up-to-date picture of a mobile industry in the midst of rapid transformation.

The event will also see a host of speakers in each of the main and break-out sessions. Foremost among these are brands including Samsung, Sainsbury’s and Johnson & Johnson, alongside media owners including Channel 4 and SharpEnd, who have recently made tracks in the marketability of the Internet of Things. Topics for the panels include ‘The Future of Mobile Video and Cross-Screen’, ‘Getting Mobile Closer to Consumers’ and ‘Native Advertising that Targets Niche Audiences’.

As well as attending the main event, LoopMe will be providing video support and recording interviews with key speakers and notable thoughtleaders.

If you want to learn more about the event, check out the MMA Global website here.