Helene Bouteille: Employee Spotlight


Helene Bouteille: Employee Spotlight

September 6, 2019 / by Anna Vahromejeva

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, if you can’t tell from my name, I’m French! I have 15 years experience in digital media, five of which have been spent at LoopMe. I studied abroad in various countries before starting my career at an e-commerce start-up in Germany. I then decided to explore London and ended up moving here to pursue a career in sales and account management. 

My original intention was to use London as a springboard to access career opportunities in different global markets. My priorities changed when I met my husband and had a little girl who is now seven. I’ve lived in London ever since. 

Why did you decide to join LoopMe? 

I was working for a large digital company, but didn’t feel that I was being provided with enough excitement or satisfaction. I like to work in environments where I can see the impact of my work. I wanted to work for an organisation that covered three main areas: Mobile, Data and Technology. At the time LoopMe had just featured in a Guardian article titled “Top 100 Fast Growing Start-ups”. I instantly got in touch with Stephen Upstone, our founder and CEO. We got on well and I soon joined the team to help grow the business.

Bigger organisations may seem like ‘the golden cage’ with large benefits, but smaller organisations bring more to the table for their employees. At LoopMe, we have more flexibility, more exposure to the latest trends, more fun and a fast-track to climb the career ladder.

What’s your job role and day to day responsibilities?

When I first joined LoopMe as Director of Client Services, I had a team of four people. In five years we have grown to a team of 50 across four different functions: Demand, Supply, Business Development, Creative and Tech support. Within three years I was promoted to VP of Client Services, I was one of the first women (and mother) in our senior management team.

My daughter was two years old when I joined LoopMe. It was a big decision and commitment for me to join a start-up as a senior member of staff. At start-ups there is often the feeling that you need to prove yourself everyday, and whilst this is true to an extent, LoopMe has a more flexible and understanding approach. This allows you to establish the perfect balance between your work and personal life. LoopMe gave me the flexibility to adjust my working hours to meet my parental needs. I felt that I needed to adapt my working schedule to four days a week to suit my family needs. Stephen and LoopMe’s HR team were very understanding and responded positively to this request. We worked together to reshape my role to ensure the feasibility of a four day week.

LoopMe has plenty of policies to support both new, existing and prospective parents. Our office is child-friendly, so sometimes I even bring my daughter to work! 

What’s been the best moment at LoopMe?

In a fast-paced environment we face new challenges everyday. I love looking for solutions and finding new ways of working. I often pause to reflect on the work my team has achieved. It makes me feel insanely fortunate to work here! I enjoy investing time in our people and working with them to progress their careers. One particular stand out moment would be when we secured our second round of investment. We had a live champagne and cake celebration simultaneously across our global offices. Celebrations are key at LoopMe!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I once played the protagonist in the ‘Imaginary Invalid’ when I was at college. I really liked acting and I almost pursued a career in entertainment and art.

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