Download the AI Guide: Advertising & Beyond


Download the AI Guide: Advertising & Beyond

Today marks the release of our guide ‘AI: Advertising & Beyond’, the follow up to our first guide on AI, created by LoopMe’s data scientists.

34% of marketing executives feel underprepared to handle AI compared to any other emerging technology.

While our first guide focused on the principles of AI, this guide, ‘AI: Advertising & Beyond’ takes a deeper dive into the realities of AI and look into how it affects the advertising industry and the wider world.

Download the guide to learn:

–      Which industries that are being dramatically transformed by AI and some companies to watch out for

–      How to express and analyse data

–      The importance of ‘big data’ and how maximise using AI in your ad campaigns

–      What it’s like to be a Data Scientist at LoopMe

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