Digital Advertising Is Way Beyond the Banner

October 7, 2015 / by Lina

Digital advertising has entered a new boom phase because there are more formats, mediums and channels through which companies can successfully reach out to their audiences than ever before. However, amongst this new proliferation of advertising opportunities, many brands are struggling to answer a few key questions. How can they reach the correct audiences? How can they cut through the clutter and confusion? What best format can companies use for their campaign? How can they make sure that the adverts are viewable and how can they be measured?

In particular, the question regarding the viewability has been hovering on the industry periphery for the past 12 months – a dark cloud often overlooked by major brands and advertising agencies. The latest research from Integral Ad Science shows that, instead of improving, the situation is actually deteriorating, with viewability rates dropping to over 5% year-on-year, from 49.4% to 44%. Online video fares even worse, registering a viewability of only 37.2% in Q2 2015.

Effectively, the key question here is, what can be done to prevent beleaguered media planners tearing their hair out in despair? A simple answer is to consider the full spectrum of mobile video advertising.

Typically, when planners and users think of mobile advertising, the ever pervasive banner pops into their heads. Never failing to look cheap and nasty, banners are mobile advertising 1.0, not evolving much since the first mobile ad was launched in 2000, and a hangover from the desktop, crammed on to a mobile screen. Those of you who can, cast your thoughts back to 15 years ago – dial-up, feature phones and computers the size of small fridges used to be the norm. It’s no wonder mobile advertising needed an upgrade.

In actual fact, in a mobile revolution, mobile video advertising formats have been created that are unrecognisable from their clunky predecessors, delivering high-impact branding experiences. Video is the only advertising format that transitions seamlessly from screen-to-screen and works beautifully on mobile devices.

Effectively, a high definition, full screen video will look equally impressive on both a smartphone and/or a tablet. These formats are positioned above the fold and are designed to open up to a full screen. This ensures the ad is viewable as the user will always have an opportunity to view the ad, plus there are no video ads tucked away at the bottom of the page or playing to completion without the user ever clapping their eyes on it.
Mobile video advertising is also the only format which is truly able to scale. UK smartphone penetration is estimated to be at 80% and for tablets it is at 50%, illustrating the huge opportunity to reach consumers using mobile devices. The ability of video to perfectly transition from screen-to-screen, helped by the adoption of larger screens on smartphones, enables advertisers to achieve a massive global reach, and easily scale their advertising campaigns.