The challenges of native mobile video advertising

May 7, 2015 / by Lina

StephenWe’re getting excited about native mobile video advertising.

As well as recently signing native mobile video advertising deals with major publishers, we’re seeing huge momentum behind the format.

Facebook is ploughing money into it, and some forecasts estimate that Facebook could sell $700 million worth of autoplay native video ads in 2015. Meanwhile Twitter is testing its own autoplay video features for iOS users.

We think native mobile video advertising could be the best way to enable brand advertisers to stay front and centre of consumers’ attention.

It’s video, and so it’s engaging for audiences, but also attractive to brands who have been developing video content for many years.

It’s mobile, so it helps stay front and centre of the so-called info snackers and light TV audiences.

And it fits neatly into the user interface, so it avoids becoming part of the ‘blind spot’ that audiences have developed around traditional display formats such as banner ads.

However, native mobile video advertising still needs to overcome some barriers. Key among these are technical (getting it to work effectively, especially across open systems); creative (learning the most effective techniques for native); and, as the mobile ad industry ebbs and flows with mergers and acquisitions, simply requisitioning the resources to do all this is going to be a challenge for the smaller players.

Our CEO and co-founder, Stephen Upstone, expands on the challenges of native mobile video advertising over at AdExchanger. If you want to know what’s next, and how this might challenge you, take a look.