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Full-screen mobile video ads: more viewable, more valuable

The Drum, 17 April 2015

Towards the tail-end of 2014, Google threw down a very big gauntlet to the rest of the advertising community, when it published its research into viewability – that is, whether a user can see an ad and, having seen it, has long enough to take action. Having talked the talk, Google duly walked the walk by offering viewability within its campaign build options.

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LoopMe Signs Major Mobile Video Advertising Deals with Chinese App Developers

Top app developers from China; Cheetah Mobile, Sungy Mobile and Baidu open up global native mobile video inventory with LoopMe



14th April 2015, London: LoopMe, the world’s largest mobile video Demand-Side Platform, today announced that it has signed partnerships with three of the largest global app developers, all of which originate from China: Cheetah Mobile, Sungy Mobile and Baidu, to supply its native video ad formats globally.


This is a major milestone and LoopMe now has partnerships to place mobile video with seven out of the top ten global app developers including Facebook (LiveRail), Google (AdX), Microsoft and Outfit7. This collectively gives LoopMe access to apps with over 10​  billion global downloads. The company believes that native video advertising will be worth over $100 million in revenue to LoopMe over the next 2 years with huge potential from these new partnerships.


The partnerships enable app developers to win new revenues from the $200bn brand TV advertising market. As consumers increasingly move to accessing content on mobile, LoopMe and leading analysts such as eMarketer and Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers expect brand advertising dollars to continue to move to the mobile screen.


LoopMe works with global brands like Adidas, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Netflix and Audi. These partnerships give global advertisers access to consumers worldwide.
Source image: Top global Android app rankings February 2015, App Annie


app annie

Source : http://www.appannie.com/indexes/google-play/rank/applications/?month=2015-02-01&country=WW&error_code=2


Native ads are specifically designed to fit into an app’s interface, making them less obtrusive to users than ad spaces, and more likely to be noticed. On top of the native proposition, the mobile video ad format is also extremely effective, compelling and engaging enough to drive conversion rates up to 100% higher than other static formats, according to LoopMe campaign data.


Stephen Upstone, LoopMe’s CEO and Co-Founder, commented: “These are significant partnerships and a major milestone for LoopMe and the mobile advertising industry by enabling native mobile video on the top global apps by volume of downloads according to App Annie. LoopMe’s vision is that mobile video becomes ubiquitous with native, full-screen and pre-roll video ads bought programmatically from LoopMe’s platform. With this vision, the largest reach of global consumers, the most advanced data targeting and machine learning based optimization become increasingly critical to advertiser success.”


Said Patrick Zhu, Sungy Mobile’s COO, commented: “Given the size of our global mobile advertising footprint and the potential opportunity for video, working alongside a strong partner like LoopMe, will enable us to open up new video advertising revenue streams from brand and performance advertisers. It’s a win-win situation.“


About LoopMe

LoopMe is the largest mobile video DSP, reaching over 1 billion consumers worldwide. LoopMe's full-screen video and rich media ad formats deliver more engaging mobile advertising experiences to consumers on smartphones and tablets.

LoopMe uses big data and artificial intelligence to target audiences in real time and automatically optimize campaigns for the best possible results for advertisers and publishers.

The LoopMe platform integrates with ad exchanges and direct publishers, including some of the world’s most popular apps, many of which have achieved over a billion downloads, giving LoopMe massive global reach.

LoopMe was founded by experienced mobile advertising executives Stephen Upstone (CEO) and Marco Van de Bergh (CTO), with the mission to increase the value advertisers gain from mobile advertising by giving them more engaging ad formats that not only improve the end-user experience but also deliver better performance for the campaigns.

For more information please visit www.loopme.com or contact the team.


Media Contacts

Stephen Upstone

CEO & Co-Founder


T: +44 (0)20 7193 6516


Lina Adelt

Marketing Manager


T: +44 (0)20 7637 2365


Beyond pre-roll

Talking Mobile, 3 March 2015

Mention mobile video advertising and most of us will think pre-roll. It’s true that the format has a natural place at the top of the digital marketing funnel, helping brands raise awareness and drive website traffic.

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Native mobile ads in a strange land

Mobile Marketer, 18 March 2015

The chances are that you have seen native mobile ads, but you just did not know. This is because, as the name suggests, they are ads that slot seamlessly into the interface of the application or site you are using.

The bad news is that sometimes, you do not even know they are ads. The good news is that the up-and-coming mobile format, the full-screen video ad, leaves you, the user, in no doubt that they are ads, and they work for advertisers and publishers alike.

The even better news is that the new king of mobile advertising, Facebook, thinks so too.

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Wearables are talk of the show at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress

Mobile Marketer, 3 March 2015

Everyone loves a good smartphone launch and with Samsung’s recent sales slump, all eyes are on the S6 Edge. Also, wearables are massive – or, rather, they are classic and stylish now. From my mobile advertising tech perspective, I see huge opportunities in both areas.

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Let’s welcome phablets to the mobile advertising family

Fourth Source, 3 February 2015

The mobile family now has intermediate sizes and formats, collectively known as ‘phablets’. Depending on your viewpoint these are either large phones or small tablets with phone capability, and they could represent a mobile advertising sweet spot at the intersection of screen size, ad format and delivery mechanism.

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5 Online Video Trends for 2015

Fourth Source, 18 Dec 2014

As part of their annual digital trends, Fourth Source have collected thoughts on 2015 digital marketing trends from expert leaders and practitioners in their field. Stephen Upstone, CEO & Founder of LoopMe, gives his prediction of the online video trends for 2015.

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9 exciting mobile advertising predictions for 2015

Hot Topics, 3rd Jan 2015

In 2015 there will be more of everything like data, devices, and players. Mobile advertising has hit a tipping point whereby mobile is now established as the ‘first screen’ for consumers in the United States. Here we have 9 predictions for mobile advertising for 2015.

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Mobile Advertising in 2015: More of Everything Please

Digital Marketing Magazine, 23 Dec 2014

As Nils Bohr famously said, “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” This couldn’t be truer than when you’re working in a white-hot industry, such as mobile advertising. There is so much going on with several potential tipping points in view, from adoption of formats, to developments in technology. However, there are some themes that we can safely say will be significant in 2015. There will be, quite simply, ‘more’ of everything; data, devices, players and potential. However, an increase in devices, data and players, naturally brings an increase in things like risk, fragmentation and confusion.

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