Brands are using mobile native video to access elusive Millennials

August 12, 2015 / by marco

Mobile native video ads are establishing themselves as the new TV commercials for the Millennial generation – the hard to reach segment that’s switched off from watching television. It’s no surprise then, that the big global social apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and others, have developed strong engaging native video ad formats, giving advertisers access to over 2 billion global consumers, and investment is growing fast from brands, as they figure out how to reach their audiences as media consumption starts to shift towards mobile.

Facebook’s recent earnings report and various analyst commentary supports the increased adoption and higher investment that’s pouring into native video. What’s interesting about Facebook, is that video, traditionally a medium for building brand awareness, is now being used for direct response – app installations, transactions and lead generation.  The other interesting point is that native video on Facebook is accelerating at a much faster rate than the mobile ad market as a whole – a clear, strong signal that great videos made for mobile with intuitive sign posting and calls-to-action drive results for direct response marketing – something we are sure DRTV experts would agree with.

LoopMe mobile native video ad format

LoopMe’s innovative native video ad format enables advertisers to place videos in-line alongside content, delivering a viewable and non-obtrusive ad experience for consumers.  The LoopMe technology automatically plays a native video only once 50 percent of the video is visible on screen for the user. When scrolling and less than 50 percent of the video is visible, the video will pause and then resume later on at the place where it left off, if the user ever scrolls back. This is the perfect mobile ad scenario – a great audiovisual experience for brand building and getting messages across while respecting the user experience.

For advertisers, LoopMe offers global reach and scale with native video in brand safe environments from some of the largest app developers in world. For publishers, Our lightweight and open-source SDK enables quick and flexible integration.

LoopMe’s mobile native video can be bought on a CPM or CPV (Cost-Per-View) advertising model and supports all industry third party tracking partners.