Brand Guidelines & Library

Our Logo

Red Logo. Should only be used on white background

White Logo. To be used on Red / Photographic background

Red Logo should only be on white background

Red Logo on black

Red Logo on off-white or grey background

Red Logo on any background other than white

Red Logo on white background, far enough from picture

Red Logo on picture

Red Logo too close to photographic element

Red Logo on color picture

White logo on our red background

White Logo on contrasted picture. The logo stands out.

White Logo on bust background. The logo is hard to read.

White Logo on contrasting photographic element. The logo stands out.

White Logo on photographic element. The logo doesn’t stand out enough from the background.

White Logo on black background. Black background should be used sparingly.

Don’t use a black logo

Don’t use a grey logo

Logo Taglines

Documents Backgrounds

White background is our preferred background for slides and any document with text and imagery.

Our white slides are our signature, as they are light and text is easily read on white.

Red Backgrounds should not be used for slides. Very heavy visually, and text and elements don’t usually look good on it.

Red Slides are visually powerful and should be used sparingly : only as an intro slide, a title slide or a final slide. All the other slides should be white. Over a red slide, all text and images should be pure white.

A red LoopMe slide should be used at the start of every document. Don’t add any element to this slide. All elements on it should be white.

Red slides can be used as an interslide / title slide. All elements on the slide should be white.

A red slide can be used as final / Thank you slide. All elements on it should be white.