Bolstering the Brand through Mobile Advertising

November 27, 2015 / by Lina

Mobile advertising is an incredibly important opportunity for brands. Mobile doesn’t exist exclusively as an advertising platform, but acts as a direct way of talking to consumers. Through high quality adverts on mobile, brands have the means of creating a real dialogue and rapport with their target market.

Recent research conducted by Byyd has proven just how important mobile advertising is for brand awareness and brand uplift. Their survey, covering 16 different campaigns from 14 advertisers across five different verticals, reflected the significant impact of mobile marketing. 29% of consumers surveyed said they were more likely to spontaneously mention the advertised brand, while mobile ads also increased purchasing intent by 20%.

Advertising recall was bolstered by 10% as a result of mobile adverts, while brand consideration rose by 17%. Brand advertising, as Byyd has found, clearly works on mobile. Alex Kozloff, Marketing and Communications Director at the IAB, agrees ‘this research gives brands conclusive proof of the effectiveness of mobile advertising. No doubt this study, combined with continued work across the industry, will help display mobile advertising grow to a £1bn industry in the UK by the end of 2015′.

The statistics are an important signal for the future of mobile advertising. While mobile ads are often associated with user acquisition campaigns, their significance and impact can go well beyond the device. Smartphones and tablets now exist as entertainment services, portable banking services, or as an entire social hub. Brands need to make sure they are positioned in the heart of this essential medium. Since mobile users already spend vast amounts of time on their devices, there is an exciting opportunity for brands to engage users through more intimate and direct means.

Brands like John Lewis are already picking up on this. In conjunction with their new and widely distributed Christmas ad, John Lewis ran a series of mobile campaigns around their new interactive app – with little games and features to make for increased engagement with the brand and appreciation for John Lewis – what is particularly telling is that there isn’t a single product in sight – the whole campaign is all about the brand.

Read the full Byyd report here (