Award-Winning Campaign:
Driving Measurable Lift in Sales for Mountain Dew

Increase sales by attracting new buyers into the PepsiCo Mountain Dew franchise
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Award-Winning Results

LoopMe won the Best Mobile Marketing Platform category in the Digiday Technology Awards for our work on this campaign.

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“Because of the data set, the loyalty card data, the scale that we have, which is the largest of this kind in the world, we’re able to understand what a consumer purchased off of habitual products, like a beverage, or a toothpaste, or fruit roll-ups, whatever you may think of. We send that information on a weekly basis to LoopMe, in this particular case, in a data-compliant way that allows them to use that information and their technology from an AI perspective to help inform which consumers should get their advertisements.” “PepsiCo was able to understand the in-store sales performance by the tactic, and then use that for their own AI technology advances to enable that corporate conversion and data into those in-flight decisions, helping them to make better outcomes….We saw increased dollar-per-household sales lift by 40% and an increase in the delivered return on advertisement of $1.28, which is pretty incredible during that timeframe when we see that the category average benchmark is about 12%”
Jennifer Pelino, EVP, Omnichannel Media, IRI

LoopMe’s in-flight optimizations and IRI’s verified conversion sales data helped PepsiCo increase dollars per household sales lift by 40% and generate a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of $1.28, outperforming category sales lift benchmarks by 12%. The campaign showed the power of these technologies to expose new consumers to programmatic advertising and boost sales lift even in a highly penetrated category.”
Joe Conte, Vice President Sales, Media Center of Excellence, IRI

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