Announcing autoplay video advertising solutions for mobile web

August 12, 2015 / by marco

Mobile device usage is booming and as consumers, we are now spending as much time, if not more, looking at mobile screens as TVs. Mobile video advertising on apps has exploded via SDK integrations but mobile web has been somewhat left on the side.

That said, mobile web presents a massive opportunity for incremental advertising inventory and audiences, and the team at LoopMe has been busy developing a solution for advertisers and publishers.  Furthermore, a web solution expands what’s possible today beyond apps to the entire mobile web. That’s a significant step forward.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new autoplay full-screen video ad unit for mobile web. How it works – videos will automatically play when users scroll to the point of the ad placement in the web page using the native video player.

Advertisers will have two two call-to-action options: either redirect users to a landing page if the user taps on a video or let the user see the full video and then present an end card with options. End-cards are fully customizable by advertisers and we have developed our own best practices to help advertisers get the best results.

This represents a significant opportunity for advertisers to massively increase the amount of available video ad inventory to meet increasing demand. Moreover, the great scale of the mobile web will enable advertisers to generate higher levels of brand awareness and engagement.

For publishers, this provides more options for monetizing their mobile inventory, but video offers options from premium high-quality campaigns from brands, with high CPMs and fill rates.

Our mobile web autoplay video supports all viewability metrics, including quartile views, completed views and unique user views.

For now, autoplay video campaigns on mobile web are available on all Android phones and tablet devices.