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Press: LoopMe joins the TAG Registry to improve transparency in digital advertising

Mobile video advertising platform LoopMe joins the TAG Registry to improve transparency in digital advertising   (20/12/16) New York: LoopMe, a mobile video advertising platform specializing in data and artificial intelligence, announced today that it has been approved by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) as a participant in the TAG Registry. TAG Registered companies have […]

Case Study: How Samsung boosted their CTR by 20% using AI

LoopMe partnered with Starcom Mediavest Group to deliver Samsung’s Hero campaign, promoting their latest high end handset, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Goals: - To drive rational purchases of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that were made due to the features of the phone rather than pre-existing brand loyalty or sentiment to Samsung - Educate […]

Press: The Drum – Disney Thinks VR Is Here To Stay

During the Star Wars celebration last month, Lucasfilm and Disney announced their latest project – a virtual reality film written by David Goyer, whose previous credits include The Dark Knight, Blade, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, alongside VR specialists ILMxLAB. This made headlines as the first film commissioned, produced and written with the […]

Video of the Week: Channel 4 Returns To The Paralympic Superhumans

One of the biggest successes of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was the promotion and championing of sports and activities amongst disabled communities, raising awareness for those often left underfunded and unappreciated. Channel 4, therefore, did a huge amount of good in promoting the Games, and Rio is another opportunity to provide a fantastically […]

Press: Adweek – Weighing up Skip and NonSkip

Written for AdWeek, Thursday 12th May.  A round-up report from eMarketer, specializing in mobile advertising, recently landed in my inbox. On page three, a table of completion rates for U.S. digital pre-roll caught my eye. It claimed that, on average, completion rates for pre-roll ads on smartphones was 77 percent, rising slightly to 79 percent on tablet. […]

Video of the Week: You Can’t Out-Smart a Lie Detector

Trust Smart Car to make something actually watchable as well as making products that are remarkably easy to park and drive. In terms of high quality, natural comedy, this ad takes the biscuit - telling its users to undergo a lie detector test whilst driving the new smart fortwo car across a town square. It's […]

Video of the Week: Harvey Nichols Wants To Dress Famous Men

The concept is startlingly good - the sort of tongue-in-cheek video campaign completed by short snappy footage - and means that Harvey Nichols should hypothetically be onto a winner. Pick famous people through history, make a joke about their fashion sense; the whole series makes some great comments about the looks of eminent individuals - […]

Video of the Week: Onions Have Many Layers

This week was a hot one for LoopMe's video of the week. Our first choice was Reebok's timely video for mother's day, showing a woman slowly de-aging whilst doing fantastic feats with fantastic feet. You can watch that one here. But, since we work in mobile video and advertising, the top spot has to go […]

Video of the Week: Evian is an anagram of naive

The babies are back. Evian rocked the world last time they brought forth the CGI concoctions last time, so now they've returned, and in greater numbers. Accompanied by a rather fantastic cover of the Beach Boys' Kokomo (you can listen to that here), this high budget epic is the perfect back for kicking back, taking […]

Press: MediaPost – Winning over the Adblockers

Published in MediaPost on 4/25/16 A quick search of Google Trends, and it’s clear interest in ad blocking has reached an all-time high. According to a study by Retale, 20% of adults are now using an ad blocker on their mobile device. The industry is facing a challenge when it comes to convincing the blockers to […]