4 stats showing the rapid growth of UK digital advertising

IAB UK in association with PwC recently released their bi-annual report which measures the size of the UK digital advertising market.

Overall digital ad spend in H1 2017 was £5.56 billion, a £675 million increase from last year. Here are 4 other stats which shows the rapid growth in UK digital advertising.

Mobile is almost half of all digital spend

The UK mobile market totals 43% of all digital spend, an 8% increase from the same period in 2016. As the graph below shows, this follows a general trend seen since 2006 and especially since 2014.



Mobile and search are on the charge

Both search and display ads on mobile devices are growing rapidly with a +37% and +40% increase respectively from H1 2016. Display advertising on mobile device was £1144 million, compared to just £157 million in 2013.


Mobile is has taken top spot for display

One of the most eye-opening stats is that ad spend on mobile devices is 57% of all digital ad spend. This is a 53% increase in just 6 years. According to comScore’s ‘Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs’, 61% of the UK’s total digital minutes is spent on mobile devices. This fact, in combination with how  prominent smartphones have become in day-to-day lives of consumers has seen advertising pounds move to mobile.


Online video is more widely adopted than banners

Not only are mobile ads 5X more engaging than standard banners, but as the ad spend report attests, the industry is now aligned with this. For the first time since ad spend records began, online video has overtaken banners as the most popular display format.


Click here to download the full report.