Forget the Year, This is the Age of Mobile Advertising

Digital Marketing Magazine, 15 Dec 2014

In advertising, it seems every year for at least the past half-decade has been called ‘The Year of Mobile’. But mobile isn’t just about new devices coming down the pike, or wild projections around ad spend. It’s about adoption, technologies, champions and confidence, and, more recently, how brands can tell their stories most effectively.

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The banner ad turns 20 and is still going strong — but for how long?

VentureBeat, 9th Nov 2014

On October 27, 1994, the first online banner ad appeared, a 468 x 60 image for AT&T across the top of Wired Magazine’s HotWired site. Twenty years later, we’ve been through web 2.0, social media, and the mobile revolution — and yet the banner ad format persists. From something the size of a bookmark on our old screens, the banner has shrunk to a tiny sliver as we play our mobile games, interact on our mobile social media apps, and use our mobile messaging. But the banner’s time may be up. As the banner ad entered its third decade, Google announced full-screen mobile ads, and Facebook started making strategic moves towards full-screen mobile formats.

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LoopMe to Bring Video Advertising to 1 Billion Mobile Users

Ad Ops Online, 14th Nov 2014

With mobile usage booming and overtaking other media, offering brands TV-size audience on mobile video is the next big opportunity. LoopMe, a mobile advertising platform specialising in full-screen ad formats, has launched the first mobile Real-time Bidding (RTB) platform to deliver full-screen video and rich media ads via HTML5.

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Bigger And Better: How Mobile Video Will Kill TV

ExchangeWire, 18th Aug 2014

Stephen Upstone, LoopMe, CEO, asks if mobile has just leapfrogged magazines, newspapers and radio, in terms of ad spend, could TV be next? And if so, how will it overtake the king of the ad revenue channels?

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Audiences, Familiarity, and the Removal of Risk: the Ascent of Mobile Video Advertising

Video Ad News, 18th Aug 2014

While mobile video advertising has fought hard to be perceived as an extension of TV and desktop video advertising, the reality is that it also forms part of the mobile advertising ecosystem, which can sometimes seem like an industry in its own right. Few people understand the mobile advertising space better than Stephen Upstone, CEO of LoopMe, a London-based start-up specialising in rich media and mobile video formats. Here Stephen looks at role mobile video plays and at the forces likely to drive future growth.

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Full Screen Ahead

Mobile Marketing, 9th July 2014

LoopMe CEO Stephen Upstone considers the rise and rise of mobile video advertising. Facebook’s recent acquisition of LiveRail, and Opera’s of AdColony, which was at the time the largest mobile video advertising network, confirm what most of us in the industry have been thinking for a while, that 2014 could be the year for video, as it becomes the fastest growing category within mobile advertising.

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Keeping both eyes on mobile video advertising

The Wall Blog, 17th Sept 2014

As befits the CEO of any start-up, especially one operating in a competitive sector such as mobile advertising, I keep one eye on the current state of affairs and another looking ahead. Right now, through this chameleon-like panoramic vision, what I can see through both eyes is a rapidly growing interest in, and investment in, mobile video advertising.

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Reaching the global tribe of the super-rich

Marketing Week, 20th Nov 2014

High-net-worth consumers are digitally fixated, experience-loving and more likely to regard themselves as part of the affluent global set than a citizen of their home country, suggesting marketers need to take an international approach to their communications.

Read more about how LoopMe worked with Selfridges to create innovative and impactful mobile advertising for their integrated campaign here.

Selfridges Story

Selfridges’ ‘The Beauty Project’ was an integrated campaign in London and other major cities with Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising and in-store promotions, supported by high-impact interactive digital formats. We worked with Selfridges’ digital agency, MediaCom, to deliver the mobile piece to this integrated campaign and help drive brand awareness and footfall.

We created innovative full-screen ad units, that were endorsed by fans via the interactive HTML5 ad unit and enabled the ad to be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Our key insight was the use of social endorsements from consumers and fans to boost the advertising effectiveness, add credibility, and make the campaign go viral. The core target audience was female in the premium fashion and lifestyle categories and this interactive ad unit enabled fans to be part of the story and share their excitement.

Using the best creatives, we reached a sustained CTR of 7.5% throughout the campaign. We tested the endorsed ad units against a control group of non-endorsed ads and this produced a 17% Uplift in CTR. Furthermore, the campaign drove over 5,000 social interactions with Twitter and Facebook.

And the key result? A happy client. As Selfridges stated, “LoopMe provided Selfridges with a unique and innovative way to engage consumers using full-screen ads on mobile and tablet. Social endorsement generated an uplift on brand interaction and encouraged social sharing and feedback.” Moreover, this campaign was unique

Pete O’Mara-Kane, VP of Sales at LoopMe, looks at this as part of LoopMe’s wider perspective. His take on it is that “LoopMe’s focus on full-screen ad formats at massive scale including video, rich media and interstitial is becoming an exciting proposition for brand advertisers.”

Not only did our campaign perform very well, we were also nominated for 6 industry awards with this campaign, including categories at the MMA Smarties, the Mobile Entertainment Awards and the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. And we are proud to announce to have won the Brand Awareness Award at the MMA Smarties. Read more about our award nominations and wins here.

Have a look at our case story video here.