Audience Intelligence launches allowing in-market advertising from the first impression

We’re pleased to launch Audience Intelligence, a new product which uses PurchaseLoop survey technology to identify the customers that are currently in-market for your product or are in your core target audience.

We know it’s not always easy to identify your target customer online, so our data science team built a solution.

Audience Intelligence is created from proprietary segments using live, opt-in, marketplace responses and is modelled to scale using our industry-leading artificial intelligence.

By analyzing data held in our DMP, LoopMe build a target audience of the customers you want to buy your product, visit your store or tune into your show.

In layering our PurchaseLoop solution on your Audience Intelligence campaigns, you can measure and optimize to brand metrics, foot traffic and sales.


Why use Audience Intelligence?  

The latest insights 

The audience segment is created by our data science team 4 weeks prior to campaign launch, ensuring data is up-to-date and accurate

Bespoke to your campaign 

You don’t need to guess what segment is the best fit for your campaign, it’s created bespoke for your unique audience

Unique creative 

If your product has multiple audiences, LoopMe’s award-winning creative team can build individual ad units guaranteed to resonate

Yours forever 

LoopMe will share insights into your unique audience, giving you a full analytics report to optimize your future marketing campaigns


To learn more about how Audience Intelligence can drive your ad campaigns, contact your local account rep or get in touch.